Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss


Well, this week is Dr. Seuss week at would have been his 104th birthday...I am lucky enough to be a guest reader for my son's class today since it's READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY..I am reading my all-time favorite Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs and Ham"...I hope I don't mess up too badly...LOL

They have all sorts of fun activities planned for the week, and I'm so glad I get to participate! I hope I'll be able to help out later this week, too!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Thanks for all the cool stories:o)!


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Yes! Dr. Suess--a childhood staple. My kids loved reading them.
I'm off for some green eggs and ham in a house with a mouse. . .

Flora said...

I loved that book and so did my kids, just looking at it brought back so many memories! I just gave you the "You Make My Day" award on my blog!

Designs by CK said...

Lorraine!!! ~ I LOVE Green Eggs & Ham! I even wear a Dr Seuss watch.

Your dollies and blog are wonderful!

Glad you found me and glad you enjoyed mine as well!

Have a GREAT & creative week.

Spooky Chris :-D)