Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Harvest Angel

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This is my newest dollie....she is now up on my link over to the left to check her out:o)!
We went back-to-school shopping today...I don't think my son is ready to go back to school yet-LOL...his first day is August 27th. We are just about done...he still needs to get his back-pack.
It has been soooooo hot here....hopefully it cools off soon!!!


~Tonya said...

Where do you find all the time to get all of your dollies done??

Looking great on ebay! :) Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!


Annie said...

You've been tagged by a "Nice Matters." You must go to my blog and retrieve the banner and then pass it on to at least 5 more but no more than 7. You are such a sweetheart, Lorraine. And I LOVE your dollies!


Suzanne said...

How did I miss her? Lorraine, she is so sweet!
And you are a sweetie, congratulations on your nomination!