Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Thursday!

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Here's a preview of my firefly doll that I will be putting on ebay later today! I also will be listing an Izannah Walker inspired doll. Here's a preview:

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Well, I was so proud of my son last night! He played a great baseball game- 2 for 4 hits, with 2 RBI's! His whole team played very well-I was so proud of them!!! They almost won to the team they played(which is a very good team)! Final score: 9-8. The coaches gave my son the game ball...he was sooooooo happy!! Then the whole team went for ice cream!!


Dana said...

Hello Lorraine!

So happy to catch up with you in BLOG land! I see it's a catching fad, LOL! It's fun, and a nice way to keep in touch.

Thanks for stopping by ... I hope you have a great summer!


Genny said...

Beautiful work Lorraine, i love your dolls.~Gen

Lana said...

Lorraine, you did a wonderful job on your dolls!