Friday, January 16, 2009

Going to the Dark Side


Having a son who is a huge Star Wars fan, I am quite aware of the Dark Side...I think I've found my inner Darth Vader...LOL!! "Because We Believe Art" (search BWBA) is having a "Heart Of Darkness" launch all month. And this dark lady is my offering. She is on Ebay right now. CLICK HERE to see all my Ebay offerings!

I have also been working on my Gritty Arts Workshop doll...I think she's coming along pretty well..I'm sorta proud of myself..LOL..I'll share pic's as soon as I'm done. I highly recommend this is very organized and very easy to follow along-and a lot of fun! Jane has done a wonderful job of putting this together! You should check it out!

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Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

Oh this is too funny! I will have to show this to my son who is also a huge star wars fan! In fact, the entire time I've been sitting at the computer he has brought one figure after another to me so that I can put their arms, hands, legs, heads - back on. Apparently there is one major lightsaber battle going on in there! ;)

Love the doll Lorraine!