Friday, January 25, 2008

I've Been Double Tagged!!!

Sara of Paisley Studio and Kim of Cabin Creek Farm have tagged me to reveal 5 things about myself!!! And in turn I'm supposed to tag 5 more people...No, I will not do 5 per person...I'm gonna just do 5 TOTAL!! LOL, that should be enough!!
Okay, Let me share some random things...

1. I CANNOT go to sleep until I make sure my closet door is shut...hey, you never know what may be in there...

2. I had (3) imaginary friends when I was little...their names: Fat Ummm(pronounced oom), Skinny Gee, and Apple-Apple. STOP LAUGHING...I WAS FOUR!! And yes, my son had a few imaginary friends when he was younger...takes after his crazy mom, I guess..

3. I came in 4th place in a spelling bee when I was in 5th grade...The word I missed...Wednesday...DUH!!

4. I have a weakness for designer handbags...I bought my first Gucci bag when I was a senior in High School..paid for most of it, but did have a little help from the parents:o)..In my twenties I added several more bags...when my hubby and I were DINKS(dual income no kids..LOL) Now, I will have to wait until I hit the lottery to buy another bag...would LOVE a Chanel bag...heeheehee!

5. When I was little my nickname was Cookie

Okay, now the hard part...Who to tag...

1. Tammy of Humble Crow Creations

2. Heidi of Crabby Gabby Dolls

3. Angie of Love the Prim Look

4. Wendy of Wendi's Bears

5. Cathy of Tadpoles and Teacups

Also, if you read this and want to do this, consider yourself TAGGED!!:o)

I'm getting closer to my 100th posting!!!


Bluejean Primitives said...

Hi Cookie! Please keep the closet door shut at all times... they come out in daylight also... mostly on Wendsdays.

(name withheld)


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great list. I'm working on mine. It might be a day or two.

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Cookie, huh? Chocolate Chip or molasses crinkle?


April said...

I shut the closet door to, Im a scaredy cat, lol

Holly Tree Primitives said...

I had an imaginary friend too, but mine had the all American name of Sally.

They say that those who have imaginary friends as children are very well adjusted and intelligent. Clearly I broke that stereotype, but I bet you can take comfort in that. :)


T.F.C. Folk Art said...

LOL, Lorraine!! I tagged you, too, but now instead of you posting again, maybe one of your "friends" can tell us about themself??

Suzanne said...

Fun list Lorraine! Now you will forever remember how to spell "Wednesday"! :)

Humanus said...

I think even primivies are enough complicated to create them.