Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pepper 1994-2007

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I wish my scanner was working...I'd share more pictures of our sweet little girl because this is the only photo I had saved on our new pc(when the old one crashed, we lost all our saved pics)...Today we are sad because our Pepper went to Rainbow Bridge early this morning. Pepper was a Boston Terrier....the favorite breed of my family. She was named Pepper because she was a fiesty, firey little pistol from the beginning. It didn't matter that she never weighed more than 20 pounds....in her mind, she was the biggest and toughest dog around...she once tried to take on a dog three times her size...fortunately neither dog got hurt, because they were separated...the big dog did look a little scared..LOL!

She was very excitable around people...she would not attack anyone, but she sure liked to jump all over you, and she may take a little nip(unintentionally, of course!) When we brought Michael home, we were worried about how she would be with him...but she was so gentle with him! As a toddler, he would curiously poke and prod at her, but she would never bite him. And Pepper sure liked to snack on any scraps Michael would drop while eating..and she did eat a few Crayolas..I would find this out after the fact when she was pooping Neon Green and Burnt Orange.

We found a nice spot to rest her little body...I can see it from my kitchen window...I'm going to plant some tulip and daffodil bulbs around her grave. It will be a comfort to me to be able to look out and be reminded of all the wonderful memories we have.

Rest in Peace, Sweet Pepper...we love you....


Cathy Nash said...

Wonderful how dogs become members of the family, and it sounds like Pepper was just that! Sorry for your loss--I think tulips are a beautiful tribute.

~Tonya said...

I am so sorry for your loss Lorraine. Fun babies become such a big part of our family.

I am sure Pepper will be missed. She will be with the others at Rainbow Bridge.

Peaceful Blessings to you Lorraine,

Atticbabys said...

Poor little Pepper! So sorry for your loss Lorraine!

On a happier note... Your new dollies and Santa are just adorable!
Thanks for stopping by blog.
Come by again soon!
:-) Nan